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Video game bus truck – New way to celebrate birthday

Renting a game bus that is custom made for video game birthday parties includes a gamecoach and an ultimate experience! Inside the video game unit consist of a DJ style lights and music, which create a full party floor. The  GotNextGame video game bus is offered for private parties, commercial events, school events, church or any other occasion. When the GotNextGame video game bus arrives it is so much fun. It is auto-powered, consisting of dual AC units and offers  4 gaming stations including the PS4, Xbox360  and  wireless controllers.

Many people who have hired the GotNextGame video game truck said  it was fantastic. Many children have had an abundance of fun. The GotNextGame  trucks are always clean and on time. Considering the staff, the GotNextGame game trucks offered are excellent. From any point, you never feel rushed.  The staff has all of your concerns taken care of. If you have any concerns, GotNextGame will quickly make you feel at home and let you be at ease. The driver is usually the game coach, who  is  very professional! They know how to entertain the kids for as many hours as needed.

The experience with the GotNextGame game truck party has been noticed to be that of awesome. The truck offered is huge that can also accommodate parents. It is a great place for a kid's birthday party. The host is upbeat, energetic, patient and an ideal person who represents the crazed game culture. The game coach interacts with the entire guests. The game coach strictly stands by the parent's rules to ensure the kid's safety and offer a positive environment. Usually 10 to 16 kids attend the party.  GotNextgame gametruck enjoys giving the client the ultimate experience. When making a decision on what company to use make sure they fit the need on what you are looking for. The GotNextGame game truck arrives on time and when it pulls up everyone in the neighborhood is excited and ready to jump in and get to gaming! The entire block knows that someone is having a great time and they will usually hire the GotNextGame game truck in the near future! It is an awesome time.

A wide range of entertainment options are available for all age groups. You can get the enjoyment by trying hands at more than 1000 games that are available on the vehicle. The popular video games include the PS-3,PS4  WII and Xbox – 360! They  are amazing to play on 4 separate LCD screens.  The GotNextGame game truck appears to be a hot choice for people who wish to enjoy the game truck. In a single game spree 16 players can participate at a time.

Get the unforgettable experience. GotNextGame is a popular choice for the teenage kids. The gaming truck is equipped with all of the popular consoles to enjoy video games. When it is your kid's birthday get  GotNextGame  gaming truck.

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