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Relish Fun Times With Open Water Swimming Events

There is a lot more to swimming for some people than just the endless laps in the swimming pool. A lot of people also love to do open water swimming. So, the growing popularity of open water swimming means there would be more and more participants from across the world. Open water races can take place in any huge outdoor body of water, such as lakes, seas, rivers, canals and reservoirs. It's not just about the swimming; you can also have a great social life around the open water swimming events making it a great day or weekend out. The distance of each event varies from under 1 km to 80 km, but at major competitive levels, the most typical distances are 5 km, 10 km and 25 km. So, this kind of swimming is mostly done by triathlon athletes or top level swimmers.

There are lots of clubs, events and groups that you can join and enjoy all the pleasures that open water swimming has to offer, including maintaining your health and overall fitness. If you are a triathlete or just want to join on various fun events that involve swims, runs and cycling, then you will need to prepare yourself for open water swimming, and most events that are held in the outdoors.

While practicing for open water swimming, always make sure you always swim with someone else or in a group especially in the ocean. Always tell lifeguards or someone else around you what you are doing and when you are going to be back. Develop an emergency plan and always stick with it - such as sending one individual to shore to get help while the others stay with the injured swimmer and slowly head towards shore. These are a couple of things that one should take care of while dealing with it.

There are a lot of great organizations that can also help you in practicing and participating in open water swimming events. You can contact them to participate in open water swimming events. Big Blue Adventure events have welcomed thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their state parks and public lands in new, exciting ways, all without leaving a trace. They also donate a percentage of their profits to regional charities, supporting recreational, social and environmental causes. Their events celebrate the best of the diverse natural terrain and geographic regions of California, Nevada and Oregon, whether it's the rugged Pacific Coast, vast national forests, golden hills above San Francisco Bay, high desert in the eastern Sierra, or high peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe.

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