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Kids Snorkeling - Choosing the right snorkeling gear for your kids

Snorkeling can be a great activity to share with your kids, however if your kids have the wrong snorkeling gear like a leaky mask or an uncomfortable pair

Snorkel Gear Maintenance – How to Maintain your Snorkel in Good Shape

In order to keep your snorkel gear in optimum shape, you need to give it a little TLC. Dont worry, its not that complicated and it will ensure that your s

SCUBA-AZ adds SDI to the Training Line-Up!

Beginning November 1st 2010, SCUBA-AZ, Arizonas premier Private dive training company, announces their new partnership with SDI (SCUBA Diving Internationa

My Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba Diving Through a contact I have, I arranged to take six young people on a scuba diving experience in a local swimming pool on Tuesday night. This tr

My First Diving Experience

I Remember one day turned on TV and see an underwater scuba diving documentary  I could not remember the name of the shows. But it was very beautiful worl

Reactor Heavy Water World Tide Digital Watch

Reactor did not try to re-invent the watch, instead they took every thing about a watch that was not good and just made it better. The Reactor Heavy Water

Avoid Scuba Diving Risks

Scuba Diving definitely gets the adrenaline flowing. The concept of life without scuba diving terrifies me, as I will have to face the boring reality of n

Dive Kota Kinabalu: Up Close and Personal with the Underwater Jewels of Kota Kinabalu

One of the best ways for tourists to enjoy and get up close and personal with the beauty of Malaysia is to dive Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah. Kota

Scuba Diving - 3 Most Compelling Causes For Being Involved In It

Whereas scuba diving is certainly not the most well liked favorite activity out there, there are however many individuals who like scuba diving very much.

Exploring the Underwater World – Scuba Diving from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Sabah is part of Malaysian Borneo, located in south east Asia and is surrounded by the South China Sea on the west coast, Sulu Sea on the East coast and t

How to protect ears during diving

The Achilles heel of the diver is definitely the ear. And this is the weakest point of those who go under the water, both in apnea and with the apparatus.

Incredible Underwater Scooter

Ever tried the underwater scooter?  Did you know that this is one of the most in demand and hottest vacation treats you could get from your vacation packa

Four Most Popular Types of Scuba Diving

What do a clownfish, a shipwreck, and an eagle ray all have in common?  You see them through a scuba mask, your window to the underwater world. Scuba divi

Be Properly Equipped for Your Big Dive

Scuba diving, or underwater swimming, can be a fun and fascinating experience if you are properly equipped with the necessary scuba diving equipment. The

Dive Galapagos - Visibility SUCKS when Diving the Galapagos

Dive Galapagos - Visibility SUCKS when Diving the Galapagos Now if youre used to diving in a Quarry Pit, or a Lake, or Ocean where the visibility is not

How to make Scuba Diving a hobby for life!

Life is crazy, right?  We are all running around the clock with work, school, kids, church, as well as chasing opportunities, deals, sales. Oh, and I forg

Dip 'N Dive Scuba Store announces 15% discounts for new customers

Offer is valid for first-time new customers, is non-transferable and can only be used once per customer. All the prices of dive gear equipment can be redu

Dip' N Dive Online Scuba Gear Shop offers Free Shipping to all USA shipping addresses

Dip N Dive, leading US scuba gear store, has announced Free Shipping for orders greater than $50 before tax and shipping and handling. The service is avai

Scuba Diving in Kota Kinabalu : Discovering Malaysia's Amazing Marine Life

Scuba diving in Kota Kinabalu is definitely at the top of every divers to do list. Divers from all over the world would agree that Kota Kinabalu holds one

PADI Certified Diving Courses in Borneo

Borneos coastline and reefs have a lot to offer. In fact, just recently a group of scientists in Malaysia, the United States, and the Netherlands discover

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