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Are Sight Limitations Causing You to Miss Out on Underwater Beauty

2016/7/26 11:04:51

Don't let sight restrictions prevent you from enjoying the wonderful sea life on your next scuba dive or snorkeling experience. Make sure you take advantage of every way possible to increase your field of vision.

Many of us suffer from nearsightedness (trouble seeing things at a distance) or farsightedness (trouble seeing things up close). In everyday life people deal with these problems by wearing some kind of corrective lenses like glasses or contacts. Another way that is becoming increasingly popular is laser surgery on the eye that restores good vision without any future dependency on corrective lenses. This procedure can cost many thousands of dollars and most insurance companies don't cover this type of surgery.

Seeing underwater is a different story. Contact lenses can be worn when scuba diving because the mask provides an air pocket between your eyes and the water. The most common and economical contacts are disposable soft lenses. These are the best to use when scuba diving or snorkeling because if your mask gets knocked off or floods for any reason it's not costly to replace any lost lenses. Some contact wearers keep a spare set with their scuba gear in the scuba mask case.

A very important part of your scuba diving equipment is the mask. It helps provide a clear range of vision for the diver. Many scuba diving masks can be purchased with corrective lenses prescribed for that persons needs. Check with your optometrist once a year to get the prescription you require. Generally the optical lenses are available in a wide range from -1.0 to -8.5 (for nearsighted) and +1.0 to +4.0 (for farsighted). The lenses can be made of either plastic or glass. Keep this in mind when you look for a suitable scuba diving mask.

You Should See What You're Missing

One of the most satisfying feelings of scuba diving is observing marine life in its natural surroundings. Don't cut corners when it comes to your scuba gear; get what is most conforming to your needs.
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