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My Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba Diving

Through a contact I have, I arranged to take six young people on a scuba diving experience in a local swimming pool on Tuesday night. This try dive was something that didn't really appeal to me specifically, as though I am a strong swimmer, the idea of an aqua lung scared me.

Arrived at the local pool, to find a number of the people had decided not to attend and therefore there was a space spare. Having turned up in flip flops, tracking bottoms and a tee-shirt all ready to sit on the pool side for an hour, I wasn't ready to swim around a pool. Unfortunately, a really good friend knows me far too well and knew that I would have a swimming costume and towel in the car (was going to go for a swim later that evening) After a few minute of excuses and being cagouled I finally succumbed and got changed.

Arriving in the pool my nerves kicked in where I was introduced to Rich the dive master. He was very calm and forceful all in the same breathe. After being kitted out with fins and a mask I made the deathly walk to the edge of the pool. Having got in to acclimatise Rich then explained how to wear the mask and regulator, slowly getting lower in the water. I found that though this was a very bizarre experience, it wasn't too bad. Then came the tank – again not too bad, but not fantastic. I was happy enough to go floating around the bottom of the swimming pool for about 3 minutes and then found that I would get "the wobbles" and flap my way to the surface.

After 45 minutes I decided that I really wasn't enjoying my scuba experience any further – I was freezing cold which meant that when my teeth chattered my seal around the regulator wasn't complete, also I realised that anything more than 3minutes I panicked. Having thanked Rich for all his time and confidence, I thankfully got showered and changed and warmed up.

Since warming up and calming down, I realised I did enjoy the experience and may have been more comfortable had I been warmer. Hoping that my friend will be able to arrange the opportunity again, as want to try it again with the right clothing on to see if I enjoy it any more.

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