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SCUBA-AZ adds SDI to the Training Line-Up!

Beginning November 1st 2010, SCUBA-AZ, Arizona's premier Private dive training company, announces their new partnership with SDI (SCUBA Diving International). SCUBA-AZ has been offering SCUBA certifications and training in valley for over four and half years through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), certifying hundreds of new divers as well as certified divers seeking advanced training and specialty certifications.

In an effort to provide more options and better pricing choices to our clients, we have decided to add certifications through SDI to our existing PADI lineup. Over the coming months we will be rebuilding our pricing structures and packages, incorporating these new options to help make dive certification more affordable and accessible to those that wish to become certified divers, as well as those already certified wishing to advance their skills with specialties and higher certification levels.

We also plan to add certifications and training opportunities for those seeking technical dive training through SDI's sister agency TDI (Technical Diving International) later in 2011.

At SCUBA-AZ we work hard to provide top notch training and instruction to the SCUBA diving community. In today's economy, we understand money is tight and everyone needs to get the most out of every dollar.  As a company specializing in private one-on-one and semi-private instruction, we want to make sure our customers get their money's worth, and then some. We are constantly looking for ways to continue our service to the dive industry and provide effective, professional dive instruction all while keeping it as affordable as possible (not always an easy task).  We feel the addition of SDI and all of its training options will definitely help us achieve this goal.

Stop by our website and check out the latest information on training, certifications, SCUBA news and diving in beautiful Arizona!

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