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Divers choose chilly waters over tropical scuba diving destinations

Choosing a diving destination can be a tricky decision for many passionate scuba divers because the world is full of underwater delights. During the selec

Scuba diving industry sets Green standards

Three groups have designed a green certification standard specific to the scuba diving industry which will promote businesses that protect the ocean. Ocea

Divers Recover Artefacts from 19th-Century Ship in Artic Waters

A team of scuba divers have brought back a collection of items from a 19th century shipwreck that lies eight metres beneath the freezing Arctic waters nea

The water's no limit for blind scuba diving woman

Asha Duncan might have been born blind, but this doesnt stop her from rising to new challenges and immersing in the fascinating world of scuba diving. The

Diveheart Introduces Scuba Diving to Divers with Disabilities

Adults, children and wounded veterans were given a taster of scuba diving last month as the Diveheart Foundation provided a week-long instructor/ buddy tr

Scuba diving amateur finds 13th century treasure

An amateur diver scuba diving beneath the waters of the Bay of Tallinn, Estonia, last month found an antique merchants chest that sunk around eight centur

Denis Island in Seychelles voted as Varum Sharma's Favourite Dive

UK Travel journalist, Varun Sharma has voted the Denis Private Island in the Seychelles as his favourite dive of the year so far.In October last year, The

USS Vandenberg hosts unique underwater exhibition

A sunken ship in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is attracting art enthusiasts with a new exhibition located 90 feet below the oceans surface. Fans

Choosing the right SCUBA Diving Club

Choosing the right SCUBA Club for YOU! Many new comers to SCUBA diving find themselves stranded, left alone after their initial SCUBA course. This is not

The World's Weird and Wonderful scuba diving destinations

When it comes to diving beneath the oceans surface, many divers are happy to head to tropical holiday destinations such as the Caribbean or the Indian Oce

How Scuba Diving can make you a Millionaire

Are you passionate about scuba diving? Do you want to learn how to monetize your passion and gain credibility amongst other scuba diving enthusiasts?Most

Stuart Cove Launches Shark Diving Tiger Beach Safaris

Divers looking for adrenalin-pumping activities in the Caribbean will have the chance to dive with sharks as Stuart Cove launches a new dive operation; St

Gain Revitalizing Experience at Diving Destinations of Indonesia

Sunny land of Indonesia attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. This nation has achieved the renown for several aspects such as cultural places, n

Phuket – Pearl of Diving Thailand Trip

Holidays are the moments which people want to enjoy at best and make it as memorable as possible. But the selection of destination to visit can be a stodg

Get into Scuba diving

Whether you are looking for a fun water adventure to take away the time or are one who is interested in something as a profession, scuba diving is a grand

Scuba Dive in Florida - My Story of Got2Dive

Summary of how Got2Dive was started This is a Pittsburgh, PA city girls story about scuba diving, how to scuba dive, where to scuba dive, become a certifi

Dive with sharks and raise money for charity

Chester and Ellesmere Port residents will have the chance to learn how to scuba dive and swim with sharks in order to help raise money towards fighting mu

Preparing to Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is a popular water sport in places like the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, especially for those who like to dive in the water to swim amongs

Scuba Diving as a Sport

Scuba diving is a very popular worldwide water sport. People all of over the world become certified to scuba dive each year. The sport involves placing a

Underwater Diving and Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving. In this form of diving, the diver carries his/her own compressed air apparatus to breathe when he/she is unde

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