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Mask removal and replacement in Scuba Diving

There are many reasons why your mask may be removed underwater: Diving equipment malfunction. If a strap or buckle breaks, your mask will flood and will n

Proper gear for a Safe Cayman Island Dive

Before you start your Cayman Island scuba diving adventure it is important to ensure you not only have all of the gear you will need, but that it is also

How to Buy Your Buoyancy Compensator: a Checklist

If youre an avid enthusiast of scuba diving, you almost certainly discover that diving is just half the equation. That is, you do not usually need to go r

Significance of Scuba Diving Courses in Bristol

Have you ever heard about scuba diving? It is an activity that includes diving deep into the sea or ocean. In this way, you can explore the marine life un

If You Like to Dive, Sipadan Islands Deserve a Visit

Malaysias name already suggests white sandy beaches, clear blue water and a relaxed day in the sun. If under water sports are something you are familiar w

Freediving - It is important to take free diving classes

If underwater sporting activities seem interesting to you then you can opt for freediving which tests your abilities to the limit. For this sport you need

Sipadan Islands: A short Tourist Guide to Practical Aspects

If you are a diver, the name Sipadan Islands is sure to ring a bell. It is, if not the best, one of the best diving places in the world, with an impressiv

Sipadan Islands and the Sure Road to a Peacefully Blissful Holiday

Tropical islands are for most of us the very embodiment of paradise and the ideal location for a peaceful holiday, away from the world. Malaysia, above al

Sipadan Resorts: Beauty, Nature and Luxury in One Package

Sipadan is notorious throughout the diving community as being the home for thousands of fish and turtle species and for its beautiful underwater and groun

Sipadan Resorts: How to Mix Nature and Civilization Best

Generally speaking, if you love nature and wish to experience it fully, you may need to sacrifice a bit in terms of luxurious lodgings and five-star servi

Sipadan Water Village: Dive, Relax and Have a Good Time

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday spot and you enjoy beaches, diving and remote spots, look no more: the Sipadan Water Village will be able to pro

Simple Rules About Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one way to bring action and adventure in your life, while you also keep yourself in contact with nature. Many people pursue scuba diving a

Enjoy the Experience of Scuba Diving in the World's Best Scuba Diving Locations

Scuba diving is a sport pursued by people living in all parts of the world due to the many joys and pleasures which it has to offer. The thrill of being i

Grand Cayman Diving Safety Tips

Participating in recreational Grand Cayman diving is one of the safest extreme sporting activities to partake in. However, Scuba diving does have its risk

Scuba Diving – All there is to know about

History behind ‘SCUBA Scuba is an acronym that stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. The name for such an apparatus, first successfull

Freediving adds another dimension to your diving rendezvous

A lot of people are already familiar with scuba diving. It is not quite an extreme sport but rather favorite pastime for people who love to explore underw

Ted Harty's Art of Free Diving And Amazing Training Regime

People have been flooded with the love and the craze for water sports like anything. Soccer, cricket, rugby, snooker, golf, tennis are very much there and

How to Get Best Deal on Bike Trainers

There are so many different sorts of bike trainers available and each trainer has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks. But the question is, which ve

Scuba Diving on Holiday – Preparation and Certification

With the winter about to end and the spring about to commence, outdoor enthusiasts have already started planning their holiday travel. There are a number

Scuba Diving on Holiday

Many people consider scuba diving their hobby. There are a number of gorgeous islands that you can travel to in order to scuba dive. If you decide to go s

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