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Little Leage or any league

If a little league batter tries to bunt a pitch and fouls the ball and the fouled ball then hits the batter; is the batter automatically called out?

Hi H.M.,

no, the batter should not be AUTOMATICALLY out.  The umpire is looking to see if the batter INTENTIONALLY interferred with the ball while running the path to first. Its a judgement call and if the batter does something while in the path that, in the umpire's judgment, was "intent to hinder or interfere with the fielder, or the natural route of the ball", he may be called out.  

At this early age, its hard to say if a batter is trying to kick the ball but I would tell my kids to avoid the ball at all costs.  The more obvious the avoidance the easier it is for the umpire to make his decision.

Yours in baseball,


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