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offensive strategy

QuestionDear Ken,     I have been coaching for about 7 years now with more than incredible success, well until this season. I work wit

Defensive help

QuestionIm a First year Defensive Head Coach for Jr. Pee Wee Football here in California (10-11 y/o), although Ive been coaching for 3 years. We have a rul

Kicking Game


Ability to read defenses

QuestionHello- we have the same names and my last name starts with a B also.... My question really may not be actually 1 question. Im trying to get an und

Responding to A typical Mom

QuestionThank you so much for your very quick, informative and courteous reply to my original question of 9/4/01.  I hoped my husband would contribute

2 Questions about the Line

QuestionOne of my questions is when I am at nose tackle how do I get passed the center and still see and tackle the guy with the ball when they say hike. T

frontside vs backside

Questionwhat is meant by frontside versus backside in football? AnswerDear AJ,  The frontside would mean the play side essentially, and backside wou

Playoffs and etc

QuestionI was wondering two things, how does the NFL decide who plays what team for that week. ALso how does the NFL decide who will go to the playoffs? A

Defensive Schemes

QuestionWhat do 3-4, 4-3, Nickel, and Dime schemes mean? Are some primarily run defenses and others pass? What criteria is used in determining which scheme

basic plays

Questionbrian first of all thank you for taken my question. Id like to know your opinion on winning with an double wing offense for high school freshman.Wh

pass routes

QuestionChris, Heres a question I sent along to another expert who apparently wasnt sure about an answer.  Any ideas?  Thanks, Steve Knippenberg

NFL uniform color

QuestionCan you settle a bet with me and a friend?  I was looking online but couldnt find the rule pertaining to the home color jersey.  My frien

Safe Tackleing

QuestionHello Victor,  my two sons are playing little leage football and the coaches are teaching the players to tackle by hitting chest to chest and

How to play the Line

QuestionHi, I have a son who is very gifted in size and strength and plays Ironman positions on the Line. He is just 11 years old and has totally control t

Cover 2 defense

QuestionCan you tell me where to get a diagram ..and an explanation of the cover 2 defense... I need to explain it to some 11 year olds. Thanks, AnswerHi

High School Football letdown!!

Question My son has played football since 7th grade.   He is a senior now.  this is with the school district.  Most of the years he would g

A new QB

QuestionHey my name is josh and im a 6 foot 150 pound running back.Im moving to california and i want to be a freshman qaurter back I have always succeded

Football Tackling

Questionhow would you tackle a bigger and faster running back coming at you full speed?            

What on need to focus on to exceed epectations!!!

QuestionWhat kind of numbers would i need to put up as a defensive back in High school in order to get me onto a good college program    

football -- pooch punting

Question------------------------- Followup To Question - Louis, Thanks for getting back to me. Maybe my term was not the right one. I was thinking that

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