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Tinted Goggles in football

I understand tinted Visors are illegal in High School Football. My son has an eye condition which causes, hemeralopia, an excessive sensitivity to light and glare. He wears prescribed tinted lenses at all times. He has a school IEP and Doctor's documentation stating that fact. Is it legal for him wear tinted goggles in a game?

Yes he may wear sport goggles with tinted lens.
Tinted eyeshields on the facemask is not permitted by rule.  The Sports Medicine community considered situations similar to your son's and the remedy is that your son (or other players) may wear tinted goggles or tinted glasses or tinted contact lens.  They just cannot wear tinted eyeshields" that attach to the helmet/facemask.

Hope this explains the rule.
Best of luck,

Victor Winnek
Football Official

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