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Son playing hockey

2016/7/16 9:38:16

Hi, my son, who is five, has become a hockey nut!  He loves to skate and play hockey.  I currently get him on the ice on average of about twice a week.  He started skateing in September of 2008.  He has been enrolled in a learn to play hockey program and is currently in another.  What can I do as a parent to help him progress and when should I look at letting him try out for a team.  I guess I am asking when will I know he is ready for the next level.

Hi Don!

This is Great! Welcome to the family!!  ;-)
I may be biased but it is a fantastic sport to love!

You should check with your local rink and ask about the programs available.  There should be a hockey program for beginners like your son...  Most programs for that age focus on FUN anyway.  And that is the best thing you can do for your son.   Make sure he is having FUN, regardless if he win or loses, or scores any goals.  It's about being out there - free to play and skate with as few "rules" as possible.   In fact if you can still have him play in the learn to play sessions that will allow him to improve even more.   Often times, depending on the coach/instructor, when they get on a "team" it gets a little too structured, becomes less fun and the enthusiasm can wane.  So make sure you get to know the coach and remind him it's about FUN...  there will be plenty of time later on for more competition and challenging the kids with "life lessons"...  at this stage it should almost be exclusively for FUN!

Hope this helps!

Feel free to follow up with any other questions!

Good luck and YOU TOO DAD - have FUN!



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