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Being selected

Hey i am in grade 9 and i am wanting to try and get into the first side sometime next year. I have always playd a year up then what i have to and i am in the first development squad, i can play either prop or second row. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
Can u give me any tips on how to improve so that i can stand out more when i play and any weight or fitness training required to play a higher level of rugby

Hi Nick, This is a common problem and one that I faced a number of times when I was playing. To stand out on the field you have to out play the other players in your team that are vying for your position especially in training. Make sure you are the fittest and fast player in your team.

Gauge yourself against the other players in your team. Make sure you settle on a position, remember that a good prop or second rower is very sought after around the rugby world. Look at videos or work with players in higher grades then you.

Maybe increase your speed work, work with a local school sprint teacher and see how it goes.

Hope thats helpful, let me know if its not.


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