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high school softball pitchers

QuestionI have noticed that coaches will use the same pitcher game after game, and during a game they will rarely go to the pen.  What is the thinki

third base

Questioni play third base on my schools varsity team, i just wanted to know what a really good third base-man looks like. are there any certain characteris

Slide or Surrender

QuestionWe need some help interpreting the slide or surrender rule as it pertains to a runner approaching a base (going home in this instance). The runne

Practice Stations

QuestionI am coaching girls softball ages 7-8.  I believe that the most effective practice would be one that had stations for 3-4 girls per station. &

College & Help

QuestionHi,    I am a freshman softball player and I have a couple questions.When you are watched by college scouts, do they only scout you

Ball hit R1 who tried to avoid being hit by the ball

QuestionHi, Situation: R1 is on 2nd base, B2 is batting and made a solid hit that bounce on the ground by the pitcher mound and hit R1 who was advancing t

Being a catcher

QuestionWhat are the best drills to help girls learn how to be a better catcher? AnswerHi Tiffany Try this website. Under the pitch/ catcher column youll

hitting a fast pitcher

Questionwhen teaching a girl how to hit a fast pitcher, do you teach the girl to lean back and put there weigh on ther back leg or tell them to lean foward


QuestionCan you recommend any drills that will help a 14 year fastpitch player who drops her elbow while throwing?  It is becoming a bit painful for h

third stike...not dropped

QuestionRunner on 3rd, no outs.  On a swinging-missed third strike that the catcher obviously catches, the third base coach yells at the hitter to run


Question I coach a 12 and under travel team near Saratoga NY. I would like to know the best way to execute a successful pickle. What players should be invo

Fastpitch vs slowpitch bats

QuestionCould you tell me what the difference between a fastpitch bat and a slowpitch bat are?  Can you use a Fastpitch bat in mens slowpitch softball

throwing the bat / throwing the catchers helmet

Questioni have 2 question. 1. what is the ASA rule for a batter throwing the bat? what are the umps options if she continues to throw the bat. 2nd. is ther

Hitting soft tosh

QuestionI am a member of a varsity softball team, and before games, we practice batting using the soft toss method (the batter stands facing a pitcher who

proper stance in the box

Question Im told proper stance is essential, Id like to know how to instruct the stance. There are many opinions at our practices about feet, hands, elbows

Base runner hit with ball by teammate batting

QuestionIf a player is on  base and gets hit with a ball by another teammate batting is the runner out? This happened in one of the games I played in

Fear of the ball while batting

QuestionMy 9 year old daughter is playing in her first year of girls fastpitch softball. She has developed a fear of the ball and is stepping back on every

U10 Stealing Home

QuestionMy understanding is that there is no stealing home in U10 softball on a passed ball, but if a player were to steal third base on a passed ball, wou

Softball tag of home plate

QuestionBases loaded.  Batter bunts.  Catcher fields ball in front of home plate.  Has ball securely in glove hand.  Stretches and touc

Dropped third strike, but batter out...

QuestionJust curious about a recent incident at a girls 11-12 fast pitch softball game. One out. On third strike, catcher drops ball, but first base is oc

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