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Defensive Positioning

QUESTION: I have searched ASA Umpire Manual Rule 6 Section 4 Defensive Positioning. A. & B. and also Rule 1 Definitions for Infield, Infielders, Outfield and Outfielders, but nowhere can I find it specifically stated where outfielders MUST station themselves for defensive play.  May outfielders move up into the infield area "normally" played by the infielders for particular batters as long as they are not displaying "deliberate unsportsmanlike intent?"

ANSWER: Hi Donald,

Other then coed and other then the catcher and pitcher, defensive players can be anywhere, put them all in right field, or all between 2nd and 3rd.  It doesn't matter.

coed is different.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: O.K. then, thank-you sir, now how about co-ed?  How must co-ed Church League players position themselves defensively?
Thank-you Dr.Ambrose

Hi Donald,

co-ed has IMO more local rules than all other softball games combined.

In strict ASA infielders must play where infielders usually do and outfielders must play where outfielders usually do.  That means you can't use a "5 man" in coed but since a rover is a normal outfield position you can use that. It is the umpire's judgment if the players are in a legal position.

In strict ASA there are no lines in the outfield that players must be behind.

Let me know if you need anything else on this


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