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Volleyball`s Mind and Body Connection

QuestionDear Mr. Crutchfield,     I am doing a high-school report on the connection between the mind and body in sports.  As a va

Contact with Feet

QuestionUntil recently, I had been a high school and collegiate referee for women`s VB (20 years).  I now teach a co-ed Power Volleyball class, and I

Serving Drills

QuestionCoach, What are your favorite serving drills?  I have found that most serving drills are like foul shooting drills (you can`t win if you can

Rules and Techniques Help

QuestionI am a 15 year old studying for her GCSEs in the UK. One of my chosen sports for my physical education GCSE is volleyball, and because of this I ha

Where is te road to improvement

QuestionHello, My name is Sadeeq. My wife and I recently joined a recreational team (c-Rec). We really want to help the team develop its skills, but have n

Volleyball the next level?

QuestionHello, My daughter is a senior at Bedford H.S. in Temperance MI. Bedford H.S. has been the State Class (A) Champs or runner-up for the past 10 year

Attitudes and motivation levels

QuestionI was a high school player years ago and have only been coaching for 4 years at a high school girls varsity level; very self-motivated and one to n


QuestionHi Marie,  im just getting involved with some coaching for high school aged girls. even though i can cover the fundimentals, ineed some advis

Pre-tournament speech.

QuestionLadies and gentlemen: I have played the game for 20 years (nothing at any level to talk about), and have been coaching Select for 3 years. I curren

mind and body

QuestionMr Crutchfield, You answered a question a while ago about research into mind and body in volleyball. Part of your answer was a checklist for setter

Teaching the quick attack

QuestionNow that we have some consistent, accurate passers we need to start working on a quick attack for our middle hitters. These are 13 year old girls.

Talent identification?

Questionhi, im a sports science student at the University of Bath, England, and have been set a research project investigating the main characteristics tha

4-man Beach strategy

QuestionJohn, I am looking for information pertaining to strategies for 4-man beach volleyball.  I want to learn where each player should be positione

speed training

Questionhey scott, im a 15 year old female setter who needs to speed up in order to get to the balls on time.  if you have any drills on speed trainin

How to play

QuestionDear Mrs. Blatt:  I recently registered at a new high school and have become interested in playing volleyball.  Now my problem is I have

position of players

QuestionHi Amanda, Im a new high school volleyball coach.  Ive looked on the internet for advice and found many sites for drills and techniques. Howe

Volleyball Tryouts? HELP!!

QuestionHI!  I just graduated from college (where I played V-ball) and I just got a job coaching girls high school v-ball in RI.  The problem is,

Teaching set locations

QuestionHi Amanda, first of all I thank you for your time and I hope that you can help me with this.  I would like to know the basic set locations and

Setting for outdoor volleyball

QuestionHello John, I need your expert advice.  I have a frustrate question, and I need help. I have been playing volleyball for 12 yrs.  High


QuestionMy daughter was a gymnast for 9 years. She is 13 and looking at trying out for volleyball. She made the Jr. High team last year and broke her finge

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