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Surf fishing the Outer Banks of N.C.

Questionbest advice on rigging, knots and bait, going down on thanksgiving. Hurricane tore alot up.  Been going there for 3 years, hit and miss mostly

leaping fish

QuestionHi Pat - We live on the E. fork of the Satsop River in Grays Harbor/Mason county.  The salmon season is always exciting.  Its fun to wa

fishing in Hawaii

QuestionWe are going to Maui in January and would like to go deep- sea fishing.  Like most fishermen, my husband is excited about catching the big one

planning a summer fly fishing trip

QuestionHi Mason, My fly fishing partner and I are currently planning our biannual trip for this summer and were looking for a place to go.  We are l

fishing kayaks

QuestionI am considering obtaining a kayak for fishing in the bays behind the barrier islands along the Texas coast.  I am 60 years old and weigh righ


QuestionIn your opinion...what is the best GPS handheld unit for the fisherman? AnswerHello Jimmy, I beleive for the money, a Garmin is your best buy. The

cold water bass

Questionim am fishing a small lake with steep sides avearge 12 feet deep the water temp is 42 and water is clear and i can not get them to hit anthing i ha

fishing in alaska

Questionhai i am doing my post graduation in shipping and port managemant, after completion of my course i would like to go to alaska for fishing job. i re


QuestionHope you can help a beginner,live 3 miles up river from mouth,and was wondering if you could tell me when is the right time to fish tide waters.if

Live Well

QuestionI just bought a SeaArk Extreme 176. It is my first boat with a live well. I took it out for the first time and the hull filled with water. I went h

blue gill

QuestionHope you can give an answer.  I love to bluegill fish and in Tennessee are numberous lakes, ponds, creeks. My concern is the catch and release

where and how is the best way to catch alot of fish

Questionwhen is the vest time to fish and where shoul i fish close to the edge oe should i fish deep oe shallow   AnswerIf youre fishing for catfish,

re: frances

Questionmason,     i have just read your reply to frances and would like to up date you (if you dont mind) on fishing in southwest MT.

Portable fish finder

QuestionI dont have a boat, so when i go fishing i have to rent a boat.Are there any good portable fish finder that you can recommend.Any help would be app


QuestionIm looking at the new hummingbird fish finders what do you think about them? AnswerMike, The new hummingbird fish finders are great for small fish

Catfishing in Central Texas

QuestionHi Caleb!  I fish a private lake near my house that is supposedly full of big flatheads, and blues.  Ive only been able to fish their onc

fly rod building

Questionwhat is the best way to recess a cork handle for a hidden reel seat without splitting or chipping? kit: 86 g loomis.any info is appriceated. first

GRaphite rod blanks

QuestionI am a very avid angler as is my father, and I am also well studied in chemistry but I have a question that I cannot find an acceptable answer for,

santee cooper, SC

QuestionIm headed to lake Marion this week. The weather will be mostly sunny, 60 degrees daily. I think theres a weak cold front pushing through. Ive heard

Rod and Reel Selection

QuestionI have done a lot of trout fishing in the past, but I would like to get into fishing for Steelhead.  The current trout gear I have I know will

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