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Rod Value & Recommended Repairs/Restorations?

Was given a 4/3 pc (double-ended metal/cork handle, 3 upper sections if used as a fly rod or 2 upper sections if used as a casting rod) , 8 ft., 7.5 oz. (4 oz. handle) bamboo rod inscribed Harisho Ueda Company, Tokyo, Japan, Type C-A and pkgd. in a wood  box. Probably bought by an airline pilot after WWII. V. good condition except (1)varnish flaking on guide wraps & wrap splits and (2)casting rod top section broken & missing the tip-top. Advice to make it serviceable as a fly rod or a full restoration? Value?

Hi Alan,

You are correct, it is a rod made in post-WW II Japan during the occupied period.  There were several brand names used on these rods and they were packaged in balsa wood box sets.  They were purchased by US servicement and sent home by the thousands.  They are fairly common.  Typically, you can buy one of these sets for anywhere in the $25-$60 range at most sales.

Many of the rods are decent fishing rods and you can probably do the work to put it back into fishing shape.  To touch up the finish on the wraps, use clear gloss water based urethane and a small hobby brush.  Clean up is easy and the urethane will protect the threads.  It will likely take more than one coat, let it dry overnight between coats.  If you need to redo any of the wraps, purchase rod building thread of the the same color and re-wrap one foot of each guide at a time.  Send me a note at [email protected] if you need detailed instructions.

By broken do you mean the rod shaft is broken at soem point other than the tip where the tiptop is missing?  If not, simply get a new tiptop guide and glue it in place.  If so, send me a note describing the damage and I'll tell you how to fix it, if possible.

I wouldn't restore the rod; I would make it useful again and take it fishing.

Thanks,  Joe
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