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Zebco 33+

Let's say I have nothing but a Zebco 33 underspin reel, a new, but light action IM7 5' (some backbone, but not real meaty) rod, and 8lb flouro that I intend to use to skip and pitch senko-type lures under boat docks and piers in search of "bigger fish" (4-7+ pounds) This setup is for control and accuracy. Is this just stupid, or do you think the setup with stand up to a decent bass?  Any tips or recommendations?  I can switch to a regular spinning real, but prefer the underspin.  Thanks.

Hi Jim, and thanks for this question.
In my opinion the only possible problem with this setup might be the reel's durability. I'd be a little concerned about a 7 pound bass and those cheap gears they're using in the 33.Also, I don't personally get a good hookset with a light action rod, I'd want at least a medium (but I do find MH works better for me when skipping docks). Your choice of rod length and underspin reel will definitely work well for skipping though.   Just make sure to keep your drag adjusted properly, or you'll be stripping the gears in that Zebco at just the wrong moment.

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