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Vibrax lure

Ever have a lure that you think "I should get another one of these just in case....?" Well "just in case" happened to me 3 years ago and I have not been able to find the replacement. Hopefully you may know something to point me in the right direction. The lure I am looking for is a Vibrax bucktail. It is silver with a caller and a large fluted spinner. I believe it is a size 7. I have seen similar but none have the extra large spinner. I believe I purcased this around 2004. This was my go-to lure for pike and never let me down. Any assistance you can provide in helping me find a replacement would be appreciaited.

Hi Diane,

Oh, do I know what you mean.  I hoard lures just because they seem to stop making everything that is good.  


E-Bay may be your best source unless you just happen to stumble on one in some out of the way tackle shop.  I found a few on there right now.  Check the link above or put a e-Bay search warning out on them and you will get notified when one gets listed.

Good luck.


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