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Fenwick Database-Date Rods

Does Fenwick or is there someone that is chronicling historic data that can be used and verified, Hopefully like Orvis's serial number 'look up' wherein one can determine when built, by whom, configuration etc. Thanks Very Much

Orvis database is bamboo rods only.
No one is keeping records on fiberglass to the best of my knowledge.
Fiberglass was made from 1950s to the 70s. Graphite since then.
Besides anyone could buy Fenwick blanks and build their own - no one would know who wrapped it.
As to who made them - it was made by a machine , not a person.

I have no specific history or books on fiberglass, I believe they don't exist, but here's two web sites that on fiberglass:
Please be cautious about someone telling you your rod is worth thousands until they offer cash. People want fiberglass to be collectable like bamboo but that doesn抰 make it so.


Please provide feedback, nominations are appreciated.

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