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How come,reckon?

Question How come ,do you think,that the fish know when to be hungry on week days and not on weekends? I fish at Port Oconner Tx jetties for 35 years and

Pier landing nets

QuestionRichard Could you give me the name of a outlet or manufacturer where I could purchase a drop net used to land fish hooked from a bridge or pier?

Marlin Stabbing

QuestionHi, thanks for your time.  I was wondering if a marlin has ever stabbed a fisherman while in the boat, like jumped into the boat and the fishs

shakespeare rod

Questionhi Richard: what is your opinon on UGLY STIK.I just pick one up;short handle bait casting rod 56;medium action; going to combine it with a abu-garc

flounder fishing

QuestionWhat is the best bait to use to catch flounder in Florida?Also what is a good location to catch flounder in florida?   AnswerHi Dale;  &

Size Sinker and leader

QuestionI am just starting surf fishing I have a 9ft. med-heavy surf-spin rod, I am going to buy a Daiwa BG60 or BG90 spinning reel, My rod is rated from 2

height of waves out on ocean

QuestionDear Richard, Hello. I am writing sci-fi book and need some advice on how high the waves splash around when one is out on the ocean. One of my c

100metre depth fishing

QuestionHow to fish at 100metre depth? We usually catch 10kg garupa at this depth.I would be grateful if you can advise me on the structure of the leader t


Question  Hello. Do you know of any exercises I can do with weights to help my body to prepare to go deep-sea fishing? Thanks. AnswerHi Kevin;  

bank fishing san juan p.r. bay

QuestionI have fished fresh water a lot but I know almost nothing about salt water. What would be a good rig (I prefer spinning tackle) for this area? I wa

fishing for tuna in nj from a small boat...

Question------------------------- Followup To Rich,     Thanks for your reply, I greatly appreicate you taking the time to provide

Tilefish information

QuestionRich, I read your response on tilefishing and you seem to know a lot about it.  My guess is that you did this in the NY area.  Im trying

Full Moon

Questionhow does a full moon affect fishing. specificly fluke. txs jd Answer-John  I have been fishing for fluke for over 40 years and have not see

choice of reels

Questionfor inshore light tackle ( 6 pound) fishing, what reel would you consider the best,  the Okuma Inspira or the Shimano Symetre ? Answer-Steve

Off-Shore Boating Safety

QuestionI have a 28 Pursuit WA with twin 200 Yams.  My boat holds 234 gallons of fuel.  What would be considered the SAFE range for off-shore hun


Question------------------------- Followup To Question - Hello, I am going to St. Vincent in the Grenadines in November.  I am taking my spinning r

Striper Fishing

QuestionI am experienced salt water fisherman in South Jersey.  I have done mostly all of my fishing in the summer.  I am now a permanent residen

Trolling Motor

QuestionI hope you can help with this...i need a trolling motor for my 17.5 jon boat.  Most people recommend a 50 lb thrust or so..but is that for a f

Battery size for an electric trolling motor

QuestionRichard, 1.Which battery size you suggest for my Sears 12v electric trolling motor? No idea of how much thrust. 2 Blades, has reverse and fwd motio

salt water fishing

QuestionI will be going to the Florida Keys first week of March and although I have a lot of experience fishing northern Ontario Canada I have never fished

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