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Size Sinker and leader

2016/7/15 10:24:19

I am just starting surf fishing I have a 9ft. med-heavy surf-spin rod, I am going to buy a Daiwa BG60 or BG90 spinning reel, My rod is rated from 20 to 30 lbs test. The reason I was thinking of a BG 90 is it can hold fron 15 to 30lb test line and if I catch a large tarpon or I have caught rooster fish in Mexico I might stand a better chance with the lb test line, what is your opinion.Thank you for your time and consideration.   Jerry Stone

The choice is probably most dependent on whether you intend to fish with natural baits or lures.  If you intend to use natural baits with sinkers capable of holding bottom, I would suggest the heavier line test and larger reel.  If on the other hand you will be casting and retrieving lures, then the lighter choice would be the better one.  Bottom fishing in the surf puts a tremendous amount of wear on the line, especially the last several feet that are prone to come in contact with sand, shells, or whatever.  Thus the need for the heavier leader and line.  On the other hand, using lures, especially surface plugs, it is just a matter of fighting a fish, and with a good drag system, even the lightest test lines can eventually subdue the largest of fish.  
    My personal preference for using natural baits when surf fishing is to go with conventional revolving spool reels.  They can handle the weight of the bait and sinker.  Todays modern reels with their various built in devices for preventing backlash make them almost as easy to use as spinning gear.  My thumb on a conventional reel works fine when attemping to fling a large chunk bait and 5 or 6 ounces of lead into the surf, while my index finger and a spinning reel just will not handle it as well.  
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