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QUESTION: Hi, I'm Eric and I'm 8th grader. I play for middle school team and I shoots 33 to 35. I usually hit driver straight, but I don't know why I starts to hitting like this. When I hit, it fades, and lose my distance. I use TaylorMade 10.5 Burner TP with steep shaft. I use Bridgestone B330-S. Do you have any idea to fix this problem?

ANSWER: Hello Eric:

I'm not sure what you're asking about Eric, but I think you're asking why your ball fades?  I don't think it is your golf clubs so much as it is learning a good grip and the proper release of the hands and the clubface through impact.  Make sure your grip is correct.  When I was in 8th grade like you, I received my first lesson from a PGA Professional, and he showed me how to hold the club correctly so I could square the clubface to the ball.  The reason a ball fades to the right is because, at impact, the face is open.  This will put left to right spin on the ball and the ball will curve to the right.  So the correct grip will help your hands rotate or turn the clubface into the back of the ball so that at impact the clubface is flush against the back of the ball.  When that happens, you will hit it straight and your distance will increase.........just because you hit it solid.  So, go see a good PGA Professional in your area and make sure your grip (how you hold the club) is correct.  If it isn't, it is a struggle.  If you need further explanation after seeing someone for help, let me know.  Good luck to you Eric, get that face square into the back of the ball and watch what happens.  

Eddie Kilthau
PGA Member

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your advice.
I look up the internet for correct grip.
do I have to make my point finger and my thumb meet together around the grip when I make v-shape?

The most important part of the grip is how you hold the club in your left hand.  I am assuming you are a right handed player.  The club shaft should rest across the base of your fingers in the left hand.  The V of your left hand is pointing between your chin and your right shoulder.  As the right hand matches the left, yes, the V would also be pointing the same place and your forefinger and thumb may touch.  Once your grip is on the club, practice making some small swings with a 7 or an 8 iron and learn to control the clubface with your hands.  Learn to turn the clubface over, meaning allow the clubface to rotate from open to closed.  Picture the palm of your right hand slapping something.  If you slap something, your palm would be flat against it at impact.  Now picture the face of the club out there as an extension of your right hand.  Make sure to turn the clubface into the back of the ball so the face can slap the ball at impact.  If your ball goes to the right, the face is still open or pointing to the right at impact.  In no time, you'll feel what it is like to hit it straight and solid.  

Eddie Kilthau
PGA Member

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