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Proper Diet while running to lose weight

Thanks John.

i have a hard time thinking up healthy snacks and meals to eat. do you have any suggestions for any books or websites that may aid me in planning my meals?

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Question -
Hi John,

im 29 5"3, 152 lbs and former distance runner. i have 30% body fat. my goal is 15% body fat with lean yet toned muscle mass. i just discovered i haven't been doing enough cardio to lose pounds (1 mile, 3 times a week) so my weight has stayed the same. I want to start working out twice a day with 2 days rest incorporating a spinning class once a week. And a body pump class with leg weightlifting twice a week. What is the proper diet for me to have while working out twice a day to lose weight?

i'm use to carb loading, so i don't know how much food is too little for someone who trains a lot but i moderately overweight. Lately, i eat 3 meals w/ fruit as a snack (sandwhich and chips for lunch and a spinach salad for dinner). Is just eating a salad for dinner going to be sufficient when i start running/cardio twice a day? i don't want to be too weak to workout in the evenings and calorie counting is out of the question for me. FYI i'm gaining weight mostly in my thighs and stomach area, i need to eat light enough to shed the fat on my abs but enough for energy to run. how do i do that? I know you're not listed in the nutrition category, but i figured i'd ask you this question since you do a lot of running.
thanks in advance.


Answer -
Hi Sonya
First lets not complicate this process,not neccessary.It is very simple.Here is the formula.

A.Overload the bodies musculature and energy systems.
B.Feed it with a high quality balance of protein carbs and good fats.
C.high quality rest
D.Repeat the process

Whether you work out once,twice or three times,the formula applies.For you sonya i would suggest 50Percent carbs,30protein, 20 fat.Just think ahead and plan and have the right foods ready to consume.It really is this simple sonya.I would suggest you lay out your weekly schedule for training and the meals your going to need in advance.I hope this helps you get your focus.Any other questions just get in touch.

Best to you


Wow that was quick
Sonya a friend of mine Dr barry sears has every thing you need for meals,snacks,bars.Have you ever heard of the ZONE? just go to  www.drsears.com and look around.He has many sites and his program and information is state of the art.Many top world class athletes utilize his services.At ome time when i was associated with him,we had the stamford university swim team in 1996 on the zone.He also has many books out.This should do the trick for you sonya.

To your success
go for it


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