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Pop-shovit and overall question

Hey, I think you would be the best person to answer my questions. First of all, I let me tell you my specs, I can ollie, and can almost land a heelflip. Anyway, I want to be practicing two tricks so I won't be two discouraged if I cant get the first one in one practice session. Anyway, I am thinking of trying the pop shovit next. What is the stance and motion of the feet and body for performing a pop shovit. Can you help me? Also..

I began thinking today, for the average decent skater, how long do you think it takes for them to get to my level of proficency (which is low). I mean to ask, am I a bad skate boarder because it takes me 4 months to be able to Ollie and Heel Flip, or is this the norm? Thanks

put your front foot in ollie position, back foot in ollie position, but just a bit towards the toe-side of the tail.
then jump up, and the back foot motion is almost like an ollie, but just with a little scoop to the side, so don't over-scoop it,this'll make your board fly all over the place.
the front foot doesn't do much as far as guiding the board goes.then catch with the front foot and land.

you're doing just fine, don't try to worry too much about how fast you progress, as long as you're having fun doing it.

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