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surf board

2016/7/22 14:42:27

someone just gave my son a surf board and i was wondering if it has any value and i would like some info on it. it is 111 inches long and the name on it is bunger. there is a red stripe on it and also a wider black one. hope this is enough information  thank you , marianne

Hi-Charlie Bunger made boards in 1966 on Long Island,New York.If it is clean with no damage to the rails nose or tail it is worth about 500-750 dollars.Take off $ for damage.I would call a Long Island surf shop for more info on Charlie as I am a west coast guy.If you do sell it try e-bay as the japanese are buying up all old boards they can.Otherwise keep it in the family and you will have a treasured heirloom.Aloha,Larry
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