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Older boards ..and sails

Thanks Patrick for the info! Also I have a couple more question if you will..

I read from some web pages that gypping is much easier on modern boards  like the Mistral Screamer. How much easier are we talking about? Mostly it is quite choppy here in Finland so an easier gypper would not hurt. If I were to buy a new board the size of Screamer 114, which others would you suggest to look into?

About sails. My sails are (also ;) Sailworks sails (Race 6.5m2, Bravo 7.5m2 and a 5.6m2). Are the newer sails like the Retro much better and easier to handle. I'm afraid your answer will be "yes" but again how much better?

And still: Have I understood correctly that the power center of the newer sails differs to that of the older ones? Does this mean that if I were to buy a new board, I'd ideally have to get new sails for it too? And also if I were to buy newer sails (like you suggested) would the mast track be too far forward on the Explosion II and the Edge?

Sorry, quite a few questions.. trying to get up to date here. =)

Yours, Jugi

I have a 20 year old slalom board that gybes effortlessly so I think that is a lot of marketing bull about new boards gybing easier. It all depends on what you get used to gybing.  
I think that the Retro is an easier sail to rig than a Sailworks race sail.  In terms of handling a wide range of wind speeds and comfort I still prefer a race sail.  The Retro excels more in higher wind speeds where you would use a 4 or 5 meter sail.
I do believe the center of effort is slightly more forward on newer sails compared to sails that are 10 years old.  So if you get a new board you should probably get a new sail to go with it.

As far as buying a new board, there are far too many variables you need to input before I could even come close to recommending something.  As always it is best to attend any demo sessions local windsurfing shops hold so you can try as many boards as you can before committing.  If that is not an alternative you must read the windsurfing reviews from the magazines.

I will say this, If you have a board you like keep it and look to upgrade sail, mast and boom.  A full carbon mast and boom will do more to improve your windsufing "feel" than most believe.  

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