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what do u think the most popular sport is

2016/7/15 12:01:39

Good day,
name is Jenny and I am working on a project for my Information Technology class.  I was hoping that you might help me.  My research question is: What is the most popular sport?? Part of my research involves finding experts on the Internet.  I would really appreciate you answering a few questions for me.  I will take the information you provide me, compare it with what others have said and with other research findings, make some conclusions about my question, and then create a Web site.  
You need to be aware that I may be using any information you provide me on my Web site, but that I will keep your name confidential.  My Web site should be published by the middle of January and will be available on our school Web site (www.cmsweb.ca).
Here are my questions:

?   What do you think is the most popular sport is
?  Why do you think it is the most popular sport

My email address is 29506@courtmid.sd71.bc.ca thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my research.

A note from my teacher:
Please know that by helping this student you will be helping with research and not doing the student's homework for him or her.  I have structured this project to include research by emailing experts.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at Luxenburg@sd71.bc.ca
Avi LuxenburgMy  

Hi Jenny.
I think the most popular sport here in America is Football.  Everybody watches the games on the weekends.  It is an exciting game with high contact.  Internationally, I think soccer is the most popular.  Most other countries follow soccer like we do football.  Personally, I think barefoot waterskiing is the best sport but it definitely isn't the most popular.
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