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Recovery after a surgery

2016/7/15 12:01:41

Hey April, this Greg in Asheboro. When we talked at the boat show I told you about my hip surgery that was to be the next day. A lot has changed since then.
 My surgery was cancelled by the surgeon due complications on an earlier surgery and I was rescheduled for Feb. 14th. In late Jan. I came down with pnemonia and was hospitalized, I had lung surgery on Feb. 7th and was released Feb. 14th, a total of 16 days in the hospital. Now my hip surgery is scheduled for April 25th.
My concerns are: how to get myself ready to ski again, and what kind of routine will work the best once I am back on the water? I probably won't be "allowed" back on the water until late May or early June.


  I would focus on cardio fitness before you started to ski.  Once on the water listen to your body.  It is easy to over ski early in the season anyway, but it will be even more critical for you to know when to stop.  More shorter sets are better than a few long sets when you are trying to get back into shape.  Hope this helps and your summer goes along like you hope.  April Coble Eller
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