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Slalom Ski-which is right for me

2016/7/15 12:01:43

I am keen (and hopefully Improving Skier). I am 6' and 180lbs. I can run the course at 28mph and sometimes at 30.I am skiing on a Jobe 1400 68" with a high wrap fixed binding. I feel I am ready to move up to a more advanced ski. Friends recommend Connelly Concept. I did a pass on a friends but didn't like it-probably because the rear binding was too big. What you you suggest I look at? Make model and length?

   I think anything you try is going to feel quite different than what you are on now.  I am a big fan of the Iconn PowerCarve.  The O'brien Synchro, Mapple and Seige.  The KD CR7 is also a gerat ski.  I dont't want to recommend a specific ski but any of these should be very forgiving and easy to adapt to from your old ski.  My best advice is to try as many skis that you possibly can get ahold of and see which suits you best.  Hope this helps.  Chris Eller.
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