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Slalom boats

2016/7/15 12:01:44

I know direct drives are better for running the course, but my wife insist on a V-Drive.  Of the V-Drives listed below, which do you think would do the best in the Course? I can run the course pretty easily at 30-32 MPH 15 off, but struggle quite a bit when you kick it up to 34.  Which is the highest I have to go, since I'm 44.
Looking at the following 20-22' boats.

MasterCraft - Prostar 205V
MB Sports -  220V
Tige - Limited V-Drive
Malibu - VLX

Thanks, Jim...

  The boat I would suggest is the MasterCraft.  That boats hull is a 1997 Prostar 190 hull with an open bow.  So that boat is a slalom boat with the engine moved.  There base boat also comes with a much better engine than any of the other boats.  The MB Sport and Tige are pretty poorly constructed and will not hold the resale value that the MasterCraft will hold.  Hope this helps.  April Coble Eller
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