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double boot

2016/7/15 12:01:44

For the past two years now I have been skiing nearly every summer day on a Wisconsin Inland lake, where our summerhome is.  My friend and I have really improved in our Slalom skills with the help of our new mastercraft, ski, & a friend who went to a slalom school.  The question is:  What "more" does a double boot offer over just the back toe plate?  Both of our skis are single booted and we ski just as hard as others on the lake with the double boot and i personally feel we look better than then as well.  The reason I ask this is beacause I drag a leg to get out of the water.  I have always done this, so when I try putting both feet in the ski and getting up, "I can't".  We want to buy a newer competition ski and they all come with the double boot now.     
    1.What do they offer over a tow plate.
    2.Do any pros ski with a sigle boot&toe plate
    3.How hard is it to learn to get out of the water with both feet in the ski...
    4.What are your personal preferences and opinions...
    5.Are they more dangerous, or prone to hurt you if you fall,  ie. blowing out a knee b/c your back leg couldn't come free from the boot.
      Sorry this is long..
             Thank you

It sounds like you are an avid skier.  Using a double boot vs. a single boot is personal preference.  The world slalom record holder, Andy Mapple, only uses a single boot.  The world record holder for women, Kristi Overton Johnson, uses double boots, as I do.  I used to drag my leg too, which I wish I could still do, but I shifted my back heel to turn.  Since this is a very inconsistent way to turn, my dad who is still my coach, had me try a back boot.  It is very different and hard to make the change from a single boot.  If you are comfortable with what you are using, I would keep it the same.  You should come ski with us at the ski school and demo the newest slalom skis.  We are at www.cobleskischool.com
Good luck and hope to ski with you this summer.  Smile, April Coble Eller
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