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High speed waterskiing

2016/7/15 12:01:45

Dear Mr. Llewellyn,

Is there such a thing as a world record for highest speed achieved by a water skier? What is the record, who achieved it, and when? Which organisation confirmed the record and made it official?

Thank you for your time and best regards,
Robert Zinnagl

Robert hi,

Danny Cropper of DC Waterskis Australia has advised:
The speed record is held by Chris Massey (tasmania) Australian. Done at Windsor stadium behind Fallacy (a drag boat) in approx. 1983 or 1984 and the speed was somewhere around 143 mph from memory and this bloke was out of
control during the run. He rode a Kustom gladiator (6'6" ski).  DC

Robbie Llewellyn
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