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Questionhi Could you waterski off a new V-floor inflatable (weighs 55kg) using a 20hp outboard? Thanks Dave AnswerIt would be very difficult to utilize

ski boat purchase

QuestionLive on a lake in Washington, need a boat.  Right now my family is an 11 year old daughter, my wife and me.  My daughter could be pulled

Comparison of ski/wakeboard boats

QuestionCan you compare CorrectCraft, MasterCraft, and Malibu v-drive ski/wakeboard boats as to quality, reliability, performance, features, value?  I

OBrien 64 Competition repair?

Question Thanks so much for the info...one more question and I wont bug you anymore :) Im looking at the Obrien 63 Synchro... Im 56 50 yrs, 135, strong for

Boat Buying

QuestionIm trying to research boats and I thought you might be able to help.  What type of boat can carry eight to ten people, provides a quality skii


QuestionWe recently purchased a wakeboard for my 12 yr old son to learn to wakeboard on the Susquehanna river in PA. We have a 19 ft 140 hp i/o boat. First

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