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Dizzywood Mission - Get Your First Skateboard

2016/7/23 12:02:01

Sick of walking around in Dizzywood? Then get yourself a skateboard and start shredding! This mission will have you search all around Dizzywood for each part of your skateboard. There are four wheels and one skateboard deck to retrieve. I might advise getting your map from Pilot Higgins before you start this mission. That way you can easily travel from one area to another on your search. You can find him standing alongside the road in Presto's Grove.

There are five pieces in total for you to collect. They are a skateboard deck and four different wheels. The deck and one wheel can be found in Presto's Edge. Look close to the Magic Mystery Wagon, here one wheel and a deck should be hiding.

Head over to Wildwood Glen and search around the monument for your next wheel. The third wheel will be in Explorer's Camp by the science tent. It might take a little searching around, but you'll be able to find both of these wheels pretty quickly.

The last wheel will take a little more work to find. It is hidden in a location that can only be accessed by levitation. Get the power to levitate in Tanglevine Jungle. Look near the airgrate for two columns. Walk through these columns and you'll be able to levitate over the adjacent river. The wheel should be waiting on the other bank. Now all the pieces can be assembled!

Everyone on this mission will automatically be given a green skateboard. If you want to see some other skateboard styles head over to Breakwater Beach. The Beach Hut here sells several different decks with designs ranging from skulls to rainbows. For only 1,500 coins you can pick the deck that best fits you!

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