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Rollerblades Feature In Paris Film

2016/7/23 15:21:19

Many people enjoy making the most of their rollerblades in the city, despite the number of pedestrians and obstacles in their way.

Indeed, for some, dodging such things makes for an exciting challenge.

As TheDailyDust blog points out, one daredevil has been filmed whizzing around Paris on his inline skates making the most of the fun the streets of the French capital have to offer.

A YouTube video shows him racing along pavements, across roads and over obstacles, to the amazement of some of the onlookers.

Commenting on the stunts, the news source said: "How can you make rollerblading more exciting? Well you could take yourself to Paris, strap a camera to your ankle and go as fast as you can - just like a certain famous car movie did almost thirty 35 ago."

It added that the offering is reminiscent of a classic short film created by Claude Lelouch entitled C'etatit un Rendez-vous, in which the star attached a camera to the bumper of a car speeding through the Paris streets.

It went on to describe the film of the acrobatic manoeuvres on rollerblades as "stylish".

Part way through the video, day switches to night and the man takes on metro stations to add to his list of places visited. At one point he is travelling backwards down a ramp, so the film is not one for the faint hearted!

While it is not advisable to attempt to repeat the activities seen on the film, there are many people who wish to own their own inline skates so they can get involved in the fun.

One convenient and often cheaper way to source such products is over the web, as retailers have fewer overheads and can pass the savings onto consumers in the form of discounts.

This may be particularly advantageous to consumers at present given the tough nature of the economic climate.

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