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Merseyside Hosts First Roller Derby

2016/7/23 15:21:20

Recently, Merseyside hosted its first ever roller derby, featuring the Liverpool Roller Birds league.

Enthusiasts from across the area took to the track to test their skills on roller skates against each other, the Crosby Herald reported.

The publication pointed out that the sport is played on "retro roller skates" and also noted that attention was drawn to the activity by the film Whip It that came out in 2009 starring Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore.

It added: "[Roller derby] has also been compared to the game played in the seventies film Rollerball but with a touch more glamour, played in pop socks and hot pants. Played by two teams of women on a flat oval track, the aim is to score points by lapping each other, while blocking opposing players."

The show staged in Liverpool was entitled A Hard Day's Fight and people were invited to watch.

Commenting on the event before it went ahead, Chloe Brennan, who is referred to in the game as Blossom-Kill, said: "I'm looking forward to our first home bout more than I'm looking forward to Christmas. It will be so nice to celebrate our birthday with all of our derby friends from around the country.

"It's one of the best things about derby, you might go from having say, five close friends to having 50 from all over the UK. Derby brings strong women from all walks of life together."

Meanwhile, the Gazette went on to note that the sport developed in the US is the 1930s as a form of entertainment and has now become a competitive discipline, with approximately 500 leagues around the world. In order to take part, individuals must be over 18.

Of course, this is not the only sport available to people who enjoy fast-paced action. Rollerblades are also popular. Indeed, rollerblades can be seen in action in many skate parks and other such areas around the country.

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