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Have A Good Knowledge Of Ice Hockey Equipment

2016/7/23 15:21:21

Now let me introduce you something about equipment of ice hockey. The ice hockey shoes are have special material and high height waist of shies in order to get more support fro the skaters. The blade also has its features and these good points may bring more relax and convenience for playing on the ice. The players in the ice hockey match should protect themselves very well with all kind of protection clothing.

Ice hockey equipment
Implements: consist of ice hockey shoes, hockey knife, equipment maintenance, ice hockey stem.

Hockey Skates: it is tall waist type and shoes head, supportive, ankles, heel and outer layer are hard. The long tongue and the strong tall waist of shoes are able to banding our leg ankle. It may take support and power for the athletes. The hockey shoes are made of high quality leather before. The shoes of all plastic molding were made in 60s to 70s.

For the time being the shoes have nylon fibers supportive and plastic soles of shoes in the international world. There are solid, light and good humidity in this kind of shoes and these features are better than shoes with leather. We are able to put on them inside.

Hockey knife: It is originally for Tito steel blade while product's sword often. There are strong advantages of light weight, fight resistance, uneasy to rust and so on in high quality steel blade. The ice hockey knife has high height and short of knife, radian big, thick blade. The tall knife will work well when the athletes take a sudden turn and it is able to avoid the shoes contacting the ice. Because the radian of blade is big and then it only contact small area of surface. It is so flexible to slide and change the direction. The function of thick blade is to fight against and uneasily bend. The blade with shallow groove may make its sharp lasting.

The ice hockey shoes of goalkeepers have special thicken hard leather around the shoes. The function is to resist the impact of ball and to have prevention of their feet. There is big different from ice skate blade between keepers and players. It is made by all metal and blade is short and flat. There are many links between blade and knife arm in order to escape for ball in case. There is a big different from figure skate. That is to say that the surface of stressing is small and it is so agile and it also have the function of resisting impact.

Protective clothing: In order not to get injury in the violent match and the sports men should wear protective clothing all over the body. There are many kinds of equipment and they are protection of shoulder, breast, waist, insulation, elbow, leg, ankle and helmet, masks, gloves, short trousers and so on. The ice hockey in the modern is using light and hard material and outside are plastic shells and inside are sponge or foam cushion. The masks, gloves, the thickness of the protection of breast and the thicken of widen protection of legs are specially designed to the keepers.

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