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Girls Roller Skating Class A Broken Arm Mother To

2016/7/23 15:21:32

Daughterof roller skating on the broken arm newspaper news ( reporter Wang Guangyong intern reporter Zhang Xuebin ) beloved daughter in the kindergarten skating class fell ,resulting in two fractures of forearm .
As with the kindergarten fails ,mother will own situations to Internet forums, causes many netizens concern .The parents think that ,because of the failing to care responsibility ,resulting in a daughter of severe fracture .
She decided to put the crown kindergartento court ,and claims 1000000 yuan .Event :Skating lesson 4 old boybroke his arm hurt small static ( a pseudonym ) is 4 years old this year ,the still nursed back to health .
Things happen in more than a month before the October 23rd .Small static mother said ,on the morning of the same day daughter kindergarten class more than 30 students inskating class, daughter small static and seven or eight other beginner students are arranged together to cement the aisle to practice ,and only by a teacher .
Results small static in the principal and teachers nose fell heavily .After the incident ,small static mother rushed to the crown kindergartenclinic .She recalled ,the doctor said to her ,Louboutin Pas cher,has been checked ,and not very serious .
Due to the small static always shout pain, so she will be sent to the Foshan Chinese Medicine Hospital daughter inspection ,found daughter left forearm two fractures ,one severe dislocation .
In November 20th, due to fracture dislocation is larger, bone growth ,the doctor had to appear angle fracture reset .The girl the school in the absence of adequate nursing staff circumstances, the child in dangerous cement floor exercises small static mother thinks ,it occurs in the absence of sufficient ,because the school nurse case ,beginners skating child in danger of the cement ground to practice by .
In many occasions with the school ,small static mother did not get a satisfactory answer .She decided to take the crown kindergartento court ,and claims 1000000 yuan .She hope for this cause all kindergartens and the attention of concerned branch ,avoid this kind of accident from happening again .
Kindergarten :small static is inadvertently ,kindergarten is willing to bear the medical expenses yesterday morning ,the reporters arrived at the Zhang Chadong Po Road crown kindergarten.
Lin Yuan said the kindergarten ,small static injuries after not her mother said .The morning of skating class, each child practice has 1 teachersand 1 coaches in the side counseling .
We are on the rubber pad to practice ,it cement ground .After the incident ,they immediately contacted the parents ,and parents and children will go to maternal and child health hospital ,then transferred to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine .
Nobody could do 100% protection ,the baby is really a surprise .Lin Yuan thinks ,whether the child on a roller-skating course are the parents of decision .And skating is one of the characteristics of their kindergarten learning skating ,the best age is 2 to 4years old,four years old small static participates in the practice is not bad .
Children learn to skate a bump ,the backyard party has made a special trip to the child parents apologized ,but the parents refused to accept .For parents that refused to compensation claims ,she does not approve ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,park has returned to small static didn school tuition ,and willing to bear the burden of small static medical fee .
Lawyer :if not to care obligations garden party will bear the liability for compensation Guangdong Hua law firm lawyers Li Jin said ,according to the Supreme People on the trial of personal injury compensation case applicable legal interpretation relevant provisions ,in this case ,if the infant park in children during movement not to management ,nursing ,security facilities or other obligations ,then there exists a fault, should according to the degree of fault bear the related liability .
Li Yuanreng injured in Yumen hospital inpatient treatment .Late on November 27th ,more than a dozen young men armed with machetes ,sticks and other equipment ,in Guazhou County three ditch town three village four group of villagers Yuan Fengjun a hackle, resulting in Yuan Jiasi mouth and guest yuan 4relatives andinjuries ,4 wereheavy inpatient treatment .
The police summoned more than 10 days ,part of the assailant, but all of the perpetrators were not mandatory measures are taken ,so that the victim puzzle .Welcome home assault 56 years Li Yuanlived in Guazhou County three ditch town East Lake village two groups .
In November 27th, he and his wife Tian Yufeng ,second son of Li Kaizhao to the three road town to participate in someone else wedding ,met his old friend Yuan Fengjun .That night, Li source of a family of three yuan was invited to guest, however was a violent death .
In December 1st, Li Yuan in Yumen hospital told reporters about this encounter after .In late November 27th 8 when make,Louboutin Pas Cher,Li ,yuan two families are chatting ,suddenly heard outside the hospital cars crashing and loud voice ,Yuan Fengjun, go out to look, I saw several young men hand cutting ax ,knife ,steel rods ,sticks ,shovel ,bricks and other devices, rushed into the yard in a threatening manner .
You are doing ,what are you doing ?Yuan Fengjun questioned . The yuan family fight !As a tall man with a sound of the call,Louboutin Pas Cher, the gang allowing no explanation one hit ,see things break ,in an instant ,crying sound of a piece .
I hurried forward blocking frame ,see come to listen ,then let his son alarm ,did not think of one man rushed to me is to lead a ax ,I immediately fainted .After waking up, found myself with blood all over his face ,hear my wife and Yuan Jia family girl in the house and begged for mercy ,I struggle to the door ,Louboutin,saw the son fainted on the ground ,his wife for him .
At this time, Yamauchi Goroku also use bricks to hit me ,I wake up again ,have been lying in a hospital .Fortunately, with his left arm broke ,otherwise the axe may have killed me .Li Yuan recalled the scene at that time still shiver all over though not cold .
Li Kaizhao tells a reporter ,the gang is about 15 ,the first was a big man and a uniformed men ,uniformed men still yelling :police station is my home ,the director said the fight .Li Kaizhao said ,had his father let him when the alarm is unconscious ,he hid in the house call ,the gang of zakai doors and windows ,brick he bungled dizzy .
In December 1st, three Road Town police station reporter to interview ,the uniformed assailant is a fake policeman .The police claimed that the matter is under investigation ,at present inconvenience to disclose the related situation .
8 people were injured and 4people were hospitalizedon December 1st afternoon ,the reporter from the Jiuquan City 160kilometersthree Erdaogou town three village four group interview ,Yuan Fengjun house was empty, hospital all pieces of glass and windows debris ,outside the ground remained few booth has solidified .
Through the windows ,louboutin,the reporter saw the place was a mess ,pots and pans ,bench and be reduced to fragments ,scattered all over the house .Understand according to the reporter ,the time of the incident,louboutin pas cher, the yuan family except Yuan Fengjun couples and two sons ,and Li Yuan, a family of three ,Yuan Fengjun Yuan Hongwei sister-in-law ( 15 years old) ,room 8 peoplekilled ,not head broken and bleeding is body bruising ,and Yuan Fengjun himself is a former limb three steps of disability .
After the incident ,the victim was the police station to three Erdaogou town hospital examination and treatment ,the injured heavier Li Yuan morrow was transferred to the Yumen hospital ,Mrs.
Yuan Fengjun in the hospital after 2 days of hospitalization in Yumen army hospital .At present, Yuan Fengjun has been discharged .Reporter in Yumen hospital sees Li Yuan lying in bed ,sallow complexion ,head bandaged, his wife Tian Yufeng, pale ,black eye ,Louboutin,second son of Li Kaizhao head multiple bruises .
The hospital diagnosis conclusion is ,Li source head injuries ,Tian Yufeng systemic multiple soft tissue injury . The gang is really crazy ,I and a teenage girl doll knees for mercy were spared .
Tian Yufeng recalled the scene at the time when the choke with sobs .The police as a public security cases in an interview with reporters ,the son of Yuan Fengjun Yuan Hongwei one of the multiple call with reporters ,but it was changed several times with his parents and location,Louboutin Pas Cher, the reporter has always failed to meet their parents .
The reporter several places when seeing Yuan Hongwei ,he claimed that the murderer is not familiar,Louboutin Pas cher, but know who were among several people in Henan ,in the three road town to do business, for the reasons and circumstances are not detailed .
The reporter understands ,the assailant ,a native of Guazhou County ,there are outsiders ,there are individual operators ,there are unemployed .According to the report, after the incident ,they repeatedly to the police station to request to punish the perpetrators ,but for unknown reasons ,the police only summoned some perpetrators ,not on any one of them to take coercive measures .
December 7th afternoon ,the Jiuquan Municipal Public Security Bureau, coordination ,reporter from Guazhou County Public Security Bureau understanding arrives, after the incident ,the police summoned some perpetrators ,after preliminary investigation determined that the incident is not a criminal case ,which belongs to the public security case ,so not to perpetrators of coercive measures .
At present, there are still two assailants unaccounted for, the public security organ is under further investigation .Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau political department responsible person to Guazhou County Public Security Bureau about the relevant circumstances told reporters after the event ,Yuan Hongwei is the victim ,but also the fuse incident .
In November 25th, Yuan Hongwei to three Erdaogou town a aquatic vegetable shop buys fish ,having been rejected talk wildly ,cross operator ,caused this incident .According to Guazhou County Public Security Bureau for political work office responsible person introduction, Yuan Hongwei and part of the assailant known as entanglement .

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