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Skate Board Accessories You Need To Have

2016/7/23 15:21:37

Accessories are essential to complete any sports gear. Numerous skateboard accessories are available at online stores and in market which not only enhance your skateboarding experience but also help in protecting you from injuries.

Skateboard accessories also help in making the skateboards attractive. The funky skateboard clothing is very popular amongst skateboarders. Some skateboard accessories are optional while it is important to buy others. Lots of top brands are manufacturing and marketing skateboard accessories at affordable and competitive prices. Here are some accessories which are really popular:

Skateboard logos and decals are one of the top purchased accessories. The logos and decals are used extensively by skateboarders for decorating their skateboards. Skateboard logos and decals are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and these can be placed anywhere on the skateboard. You can also go for customized designs to suit your personality.

Some of the leading brands that offer skateboard logos are Baker, Alien Workshop, Black Label, Bones, Destructo. One of the side benefits is that you can get some layer of protection from your decals. I can't count how many times the amount of stickers has kept my board together.

Protective gear is mandatory to protect you from minor injuries and accidents. Whenever you go out for skateboarding, do take care that you are never without your protective gear.There are some that think that protective gear is not that critical, but I know that there are many hard core skaters that would not be around had they opted to look cool instead of wear protective gear. A skateboard safety gear includes ankle brace, skateboarding gloves, skateboarding helmet and skateboarding pads.

Skating clothes is critical. Dressing up in proper skateboard clothing is essential to enjoy skateboarding comfortably. Besides the fact that you look cool, there is some practical application to your apparel. Skateboard apparel comprises skateboarding hats, T-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts, shorts, trousers, etc. Various top brands like Alien Workshop, Fourstar, World Industries, Habitat and many more manufacturers appealing apparel for skateboarders. I like to use looser clothes as it helps me move better, and I usually wear long sleeves and long shorts to help protect if I fall.

Skateboard maintenance accessories is one of the most important items. Maintenance of a skateboard is equally important to enjoy a safe and smooth ride. Various skateboard maintenance kits and accessories are available to help you in maintaining your skateboard. Some of these are skate tools, skateboard bearing lube, skateboard rails and skateboard wax. I usually take some tools, lube and spare parts with me when I go to skate parks since I never know what can go wrong when I'm out there. Plus, sometimes, I end up having to help someone out.

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