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Leading Manufacturing Company Of Top Synthetic Ice Solutions With Technical Accuracy

2016/7/23 15:21:42

Glice is the leading manufacturer strives to develop the most innovative top synthetic ice solutions in the world. We also provide you the information when you buy the synthetic rink. Synthetic ice is the most highly recommended and requested synthetic ice product due to its many extraordinary qualities.
Glice delivers incredible performance by unequaled gliding capabilities and uninhibited skill execution. Its use has forever altered figure and hockey training developing faster, stronger, more agile and aggressive athletes, and allowing the skater to train with a technical accuracy and perform any skill executed on refrigerated ice. It is durable and versatile in nature.

We have been creating premium quality synthetic ice experiences throughout with manufacturing facility. We also mold plastic items of all shapes and sizes, including our fake plastic ice and rock products. We are now selling our fake plastic ice, synthetic ice, artificial ice, indoor rink, hockey rink and rock products directly to the public. We provide you the exact same products, with the same quality and deliver, for less.

Synthetic Ice surface to increase the glide constantly, with our Synthetic ice there is no silicone; there are also Fake Ice products out there that are held together by a series of interlocking splines, this product can be an issue. Ice Panel fasteners are supplied flat. Each fastener must be formed by hand, can now be fitted with the rake cap. Install cap over upright joint.

The Ice Melt Panels are designed to hide the roof de-icing cable from view on sloped shingle roofs. The panels will prevent ice dams along roof edge and valleys. Skate also holds special disco sessions for all the enthusiasts. The rink is equipped with laser lights which transform the ambience of the arena to an ice disco zone. The rink also has a cafe and a bar where one can choose from an extensive range of food and beverage.

Hockey rink is a white nylon mesh is attached to the frame of the net so that when the puck is shot into the net, the puck will not come out of the net.
The indoor rink is a full-size rink and the summer home of the Sun Valley Figure Skating School and open hockey. Amusement parks and theme parks are terms for a group of entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people.

Glice synthetic ice has been engineered specifically to respond in the same manner to these maneuvers as real ice. Glice has an especially high molecular structure which ensures durability through many years of heavy duty training and competitions.

A unique manufacturing process allows us to embed creases and markings directly into the material. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent and will not fade and cannot be scratched away. Glice is an ecological technology which reduces energy consumption of normal ice rinks to zero. But Glice doesn't stop at providing an ecological substitute for conventional ice. Additional benefits to the ecology include:

Glice's synthetic ice is manufactured with a special high density molecular structure which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in the increased life span of the Glice material, with cleaner looking synthetic ice that requires less cleaning.

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