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We Need More Skate Parks

2016/7/23 15:22:17

Do you have skate parks in your city? Are you aware of the significant impact skate parks can have on a city or town? Most skateboarders are all too familiar with the "No Skateboarding" signs that are posted in many desirable skating locations. Providing towns with skate parks gives the skaters a safe, designated place to skate and it benefits the youth of the community as well as all of a community as a whole.

Building skate parks takes effort from many different individuals and organizations and it's not as easy as it may seem which is likely why there are not enough skate parks as it is. If you want to help fight the good fight for more skate parks across the nation and even across the world, what can you do?

First, to build skate parks, you need to have the help of as many people as possible. You will want to form an organization. This is the first step toward getting in touch with skateboarders you know or see and also soliciting the aid of other people in the community. While many people incorrectly think that city council members will want to see adults speak about the construction of skate parks in towns, we have noticed that often quite the opposite is true. It is much more compelling to have the actual skateboarders do the lobbying since they are the ones who will want to use this skate park.

If parents, teachers, local businessmen and other individuals in the community support your plan to build a skate park, you should definitely make this known and add all you can to your committee but to really make your case heard, you are going to need as many actual skaters as possible. You will want to personally show that there is a direct need for a skate park in your community and no one can do that as well as the skaters themselves.

In communities all over the globe, many skaters are losing their places to skate because of legislation, tenant complaints, zoning regulations and neighborhood restrictions. These are the people that need to be there speaking out for more skate parks. These are the people who will directly benefit from the skate parks and they need to be directly involved with the process of requesting one.

In addition to skateboarders, you are also going to want to bring to your team, in-line skaters, BMX and freestyle bikers and other people in the skating community. Do not limit yourself to only the skating community. You will also want to get important people from your community involved such as religious leaders, local law enforcement and even local business owners. It will take all of your efforts combined to see action in your town.

Once you have your organization and members, you will begin forming a plan to lobby for skate parks in your area. Remember that you are going to be asked to prove the need for them in your area. You will need a location to have meetings and be sure to have regular meetings to keep everyone fired up and on pace with your project. Have an agenda and stick to it and you will begin to see things happening and hopefully more skate parks appearing all over the world!

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