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The Hockey Stop

The hockey stop is that sudden, flashy move that sends snow flying and has spectators gawking. It is the move that players use to stop on a dime. Many coaches i

Crossovers - Edges: Why And How

Crossovers are the maneuvers used to accelerate on curves, circles and corners. They make it possible for players to weave in and out of traffic, zigzag down th

The Arm Swing

Watch great NHL players on a breakaway. You will notice that in these situations they often carry the hockey stick in just their top hand, even when carrying t

What is Power Skating Anyway?

In my experience, most power skating programs are actually conditioning programs. While conditioning is an important aspect of hockey training, it, by itself, d

Two Hands or One

For 27 years I have been battling hockey people who maintain, Two Hands on the Stick, Two Hands on the Stick. The battle still looms large, because too many coa


One way people judge how fast you are is by how quickly you maneuver. Your speed is based on how quick you are on the puck, and how quickly you change directio

Technique Training – How Much is Enough?

Through the years I have noticed that only a relatively small percentage of players enroll in power skating courses on a continuing basis. The belief, I fear, i

Skates - How Stiff, How Tight?

For years Ive been arguing against ultra stiff skates. They have been marketed to the hockey playing public with the reasoning that if pros like their skates to

Lacing The Skates

How many players tie their skates real tight, all the way to the top? And tape the ankles as well?How many players tie them so loosely that the feet wobble aro

How the Skate Blades Function

Every skate blade has an inside and outside edge and a groove between the edges, called the flat of the blade.The sole function of the flat of the blade is to g

Catch or be Caught

How do you know if someone is a fast skater? The best way to find out is always by having a race. And the type of race that most often stands out in a game is t

All Sports Are The Same

Hockey, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, running - What Ever - all sports are the same! What I mean by this is that all sports share the

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