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Steps on Installing Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

2016/7/21 14:37:33

Above ground swimming pools can be a lot of fun, but they need regular upkeep, and that involves cleaning up the water and replacing the pool liners when they are worn...

Above ground swimming pools can be a lot of fun, but they need regular upkeep, and that involves cleaning up the water and replacing the pool liners when they are worn out and leaking. A vinyl pool liner can last for 5 to 10 years if properly maintained. But, accidents can happen out of the blue. So, if you still want to put this facility to good use, you should learn first-hand how to fix or replace the pool liner.

The first thing you ought to do is drain the pool. Then, you should remove accessories, such as lights and drains, after which, you can remove the old liner. To make it more manageable, you can cut it to small, handy pieces and set them aside. Once you抮e done, you can move on to taping the wall edges together to make them more uniformed and to scrape and sand the walls, so you can take out the rust spots and unevenness. You should also check the pool bottom for any signs of wear and tear, and replace damaged sections. Clean it up with a vacuum, and make sure to take any stones or sharp objects to prevent future damage. Lastly, inspect the track where the bead of the pool liner fits to see whether it is still in good condition. Then, move on to draping.

If you are installing pool liners independently, you should at least ask a few friends to assist you in the task, as it can be quite demanding. Have them drape the pool liner across the pool, starting from the deeper end to the shallow one, and then stretch it across the perimeter. When you抳e covered all areas, gently drop it down to the floor and start inserting the beading into the track. Adjust the fitting on the floor by walking inside the above ground swimming pool. Finally, use a piece of duct tape to close off the skimmer hole.

To free up the lining from wrinkles, insert a pool vacuum hose in between the pool wall and liner, and make sure that it抯 sealed in tightly. Turn it on afterwards, and let it suck in the air. After 15 minutes, fill up the pool with water until you have 4 inches on the deep end. Once that抯 accomplished, locate the drain, remove the screws, cut the liner to accommodate the drain and gaskets, and then re-attach the cover. To finish everything up, re-install the above ground swimming pools accessories, cutting unnecessary lining on specific parts. When the shallow area has about three inches of water, remove the vacuum hose and reattach the linear bead. Now, you can prepare your swimming gear and take a refreshing dip.

Just make sure that you don抰 leave any tool or attachments lying around. Avoid smoking around the line, since it can be easily damaged. Make sure to properly handle sharp tools, too. Plus, if there are signs of weakening on the walls, put up a wall foam first before installing the liner for added cushioning. If these seem like too much work, you always have the option of calling a team of specialists to do the work for you.

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