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Types of Pool Coatings for Your Swimming Pools

2016/7/21 14:38:58

Some people use tiles in the swimming pool and some uses paint for it. Using paint in the pool has more advantages than using tiles. Using pool coatings of paint has a flawless finishing.

In tiles there is case when dirt can be collected in the joints but if paint is used for coating swimming pool then there is no need to clean the joints. Many times tiles fall from there place which makes pool dirty. It is easier to clean paint coating of the pool rather than cleaning tiles and also looks better. There are varieties of paints that are used in swimming pools for coating that are acrylic, epoxy etc.

One type of paint which is called the epoxy paint lasts long for many years after painting. It is also tough and robust. It can resist ultra violet radiation but it falls little pale when exposed to it. It is cheaper than other type of pool coatings. It is found in many colors but in pools only blue color is used and it is the only color which looks good. As it is hard and tough coating so it is needed to be removed by rubbing in order to repaint it.

The cost of epoxy paint is more than that of chlorinated rubber but epoxy paints last for longer time than chlorinated rubber coating. So over all epoxy paint costs is less when time is considered. It is also not too strong like that of epoxy paint but it is easy to use. The chlorinated rubber paint does not react with acids and salts. This type of paint is not for use with hot water means this paint can not be used in pools where hot water is filled. This type of coating can be used if you go for painting every year or after two years.

Anther type of paint is the acrylic which has the shortest life time as compared to other two that are discussed above. It is the easiest way to paint but if you are using this type of coating for your swimming pool then you need to paint it again every year. It is mainly use in the commercial area as it need to be painted every year. It is a non oily paint which means it is easy to apply and you can apply it by your own on the pools walls.

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