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Learning To Swim

2016/7/21 15:04:01

Fun in the sun is not the first thing that comes to some parents minds when their children are around the water. More and more children are missing out on an essential safety skill in there lives.

In children under the age of 14, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death. Wow! Now that is something to sit and think about. Is my child swimming or has my child taken some sort of swimming safety class?

There is a child's pool party birthday going on almost every other day, and yet we have a child killed by drowning every 15 minutes according to the surveys done in two areas of China, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Now we need to give our children a little more on this.

Yes I do feel a whole lot more strong on this subject of swimming lessons, but I'm sure that all parents can agree with me that the statistic of children dieing while swimming or being in the bath tub is very scary.

So parents ask yourself, when you were growing up didn't you love to be able to go and play in the water freely? I know I did. Every child wants to, loves to and has to go and have fun in the sun. That's just the way the kids are.

A great number of children that I have seen lately can only touch the water because they are too scared of the water or they just are not familiar with the water, so they don't know what to do. You can find many tips on teaching your child to swim.

With that being said, I am the founder of 123 Swimming Lessons, and I will and I am going to be teaching you and your child the correct way to be safe in the water. Parents don't let your child be one of the statistics.

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