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Tips For Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Contractor In Canada

2016/7/21 15:23:42

When purchasing a swimming pool, Canada homeowners face some difficult decisions. The most important one, and the one that will make all subsequent choices easier, is to select the right swimming pool builder. Canada homeowners can do that by following these simple tips:

1. Create a short list.

Create a list of candidates. A solid list includes at least three companies, but don’t go overboard. Three is enough to get a clear assessment of the project. Try to build the list by speaking to family, friends, and coworkers who have purchased swimming pools. Then, resort to the Internet and Yellow Pages if you have less than three.

2. Call each contractor on the list, and get a quote.

Ask questions, and provide as much information as possible. The quote and information they give you is only as good as the details you provide. Mention whether you want to buy an above ground pool or if you want to build an in-ground pool. Canada homeowners should then have the contractor come out to the house to make a bid if they were satisfied with the phone interview.

3. Get the bid, credentials, and references.

Request a written bid and a schedule from the contractor. The schedule should include an estimated start date and completion date. You also need to get proof of the contractor’s credentials and insurance. Finally, ask for three recent references. Immediately reject any contractor who is unwilling or even unreasonably slow to provide any of this information.

4. Follow up.

Verify the credentials and insurance. Call the Better Business Bureau. Call each of the referrals, and ask them about their experience. The most important question you can ask is, would you hire them again? Finally, go online, and Google the contractor. If the contractor has burned any customers, you’re likely to find word of it online. If there’s a trend, it should be obvious.

5. Choose the contractor.

Price should not be the most important factor. In fact, it may be better to save a little more in order to go with the contractor that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to haggle either. If the contractor you want is a little high in price, call and talk to them. In light of the other bids, they may be willing to work with you to lower the price to a point where it fits your budget.

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