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Essential Tools For Swimming Pools

2016/7/21 15:25:12

It is necessary to keep your swimming pools clean and well-maintained from health perspectives. It will help to prevent from growing bacteria and virus in the pools. There are various tools available in the market for maintaining the swimming pool. Following are some essential tools that will help you in the maintenance of pools:

Indoors pools are regularly exposed with the leaves, dirt, pollen or twigs which pollute the water. A pool cleaner or sweeper is used to remove these objects and defends against the build-up of dirt and grime along the walls and floor of the pool. Manual pool cleaners are affordable which allow you to clean most visible patches of the dirt while Automatic option like suction-side, pressure-side and robotic systems will save your precious time in cleaning the pool.

The filter is used to keep the pool water clean on a regular basis. As the pool’s pump circulate the water, the filter shift out any floating material before water returns to the pool. There are three types of filters available in the market Sand, D.E (Diatomaceous Earth) and Catridge.

Sanitizers are used to eliminate organics like lotion, sweat as well as other germs from the pool water. Chlorine is considered as the extremely effective and the most commonly used sanitizer. Chlorine is also added at the pool in the traditional forms of tablets, sticks (trichlor) and granules (dichlor). These are also used in filter baskets or floating chemical feeders.

Test Kits:
To make your swimming environment safe and secure, you should check the chemical levels at least once a week. There are various ways to test your pool and spa water. Test strips are comparatively affordable and easy to use. Digital test strips is the other option which display the level of pH, sanitizer and total alkalinity in the water on the LCD screen.

A cover is essential to close the pool in the winter; however it can be used in any season to keep the pool clean on a regular basis. They prevent dirt and debris to entering into your pool. Moreover, covers are also useful to protect heat, water and chemicals from escaping the pool.

If you want to keep your swimming pool very neat and clean, you must use the above mentioned tools. You should not do any compromise with the cleanness of the pools under any circumstances from health perspectives.

The other important thing is to maintain your swimming pool is to keep the filter clean which is used to clean the debris along with the other waste materials from the water. Debris will build-up and restrict the flow of water results in weakening the circulation of the water. You should check it at the fixed interval and when pressure will rise in the filter due to build-up of Debris, it’s time to clean the filter. You should also take care of swimming pools skimmers especially its cleaning. Skimmers should be prevented from being sucked into the filter. The removable basket should also be cleaned once or twice in a week; it also depends on the amount of debris present in the skimmers.

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