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What To Watch For When Hiring Contractors For Swimming Pool Construction

2016/7/21 15:27:10

A swimming pool is a big investment, not only in money, but in the value of your property and the quality time with your family. Most of us do not know the first thing about swimming pool construction so the first thing that anyone who is thinking about buying a swimming pool should do is to do is get as much information as possible. Fortunately, the internet is a great resource for this but you have to navigate your way through the articles and find out what the important things are to watch out for. Even with this knowledge, you still need to be educated by someone who builds swimming pools all the time and can explain the swimming pool construction process step by step.

When you invite a Premier Pools & Spas designer to come out and bid on your swimming pool, you are not just getting a salesperson, but a swimming pool builder. It is a requirement of Premier Pools’ owners and managers that every salesperson in the company is a skilled and experienced pool builder. This will quickly become evident as soon as they start their presentation. The first thing they will do is show you their swimming pool construction binder that has each step of the process of how Premier Pools builds superior swimming pools. They feel that it is their job to educate their potential customers on how a pool should be built and to advise them on where they can cut corners and where they shouldn’t.

Swimming Pool Construction is different from general construction as there is hydraulics involved. Hydraulics is the study of water or other fluids at rest or in motion. With regards to swimming pool construction, we are looking at factors such as:
- What are the pool capacity and how much water is in it?
- How fast can we safely move the water?
- What resistance wills the water meet and what pump and filtration system will adequately and efficiently overcome the resistance?

The proper pump and filter in swimming pool construction are crucial to providing safe and clean water. But equally important is the how the swimming pool is plumbed. You can have a 2 or 3 HP pump that has the ability to push a lot of water but if the plumbing is not large enough to accommodate the water, then cavitation will occur.

Cavitation means that the pump is not getting the correct amount of water it needs to properly function and it is �starving� for water. This puts stress on your pump and will eventually cause harm to it. So instead of 1 plumbing, you need to make sure that there is 2� plumbing in your pool. To further illustrate this concept, you can imagine sipping water through a thin straw. No matter how hard you sip, you will get a little amount of water.

If you use a larger straw, then you will get more water. It is that simple. However, installing smaller plumbing and smaller pumps and filters are a few of the ways that some builders save money on swimming pool construction. The designers at Premier Pools & Spas will explain in detail as to which pump and filter will be best for your pool. If you have a spa and water features, you may need more than one pump if you want to run both at the same time. Of course, this adds to the expense of your project and other pool builders may not talk to you about this since an additional pump is more money and they are trying to have a lower bid. In the end, it will not be what you expected and this is not the place to cut costs.

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